Theater Enrichment Program and Services

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School Year Programs:


These 10- to 14-week interactive group drama sessions are generally scheduled during after-school hours in coordination with your extended care program director or school principal. This is our most popular program, and includes participatory group drama classes conducted by a professional actor/educator who comes to your school every week. The drama groups are specially designed for children Pre-K – K and 1st through 5th grade. Each weekly class is up to 50 minutes in length and is to be determined by your school’s needs.

ELEMENTARY GROUPS (1st – 5th grades):


  • Acting techniques
  • Improvisations
  • Characterizations
  • Role-playing
  • Theater games
  • Vocal/physical warm-ups
  • An original performance piece

A PLAY is shared with parents on the last day of class!

Includes professional make-up artist, costume accessories, theatre programs and refreshments.



  • Story-drama method
  • Storytelling with new and live story presented each week
  • Children participate in acting out the story
  • Children can select any character they want to become each week
  • Theater games
  • Role-playing
  • Creative movement

A STORY DRAMA is presented to parents on the last day of class!

Includes make-up, accessories, programs and all registered children participating in the live presentation.

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